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Amma Officially Released the Latest Book Publications by Mata Amritanandamayi Math During Amritavarsham 70


On the momentous occasion of Amma’s 70th birthday, the Amritavarsham 70 event witnessed the release of several new book publications by Mata Amritanandamayi Math. These books cover a diverse range of categories, offering profound insights into spirituality, teachings, and personal experiences with Amma.

The books launched by Amma during the event include Br. Madhavamrita Chaitanya’s Amritam Gamaya Part-2, a collection of heartfelt poetry based on Amma’s profound spiritual journey and, On the Trail of Liberation (Volume-4 & 5) which consists of invaluable teachings on the path to liberation, offering wisdom and guidance for spiritual seekers; Hridyamritham Part-1 & 2 by Swami Abhedamritananda Puri which takes readers on a journey deep within the heart, offering profound insights and spiritual nourishment. Sri Chandrasekhar Jayanthi.FCA’s Eternally Existing Sanatana Dharma – 108 Essentials Volume 1 & 2 which delves into the timeless wisdom of Sanatana Dharma, unraveling its essential teachings for a modern audience; Dialogues with Amma by Swami Amritachitswarupananda Puri, which captures the essence of personal dialogues with Amma, providing a glimpse into her wisdom and compassionate guidance.

These new publications offer spiritual seekers and devotees an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Amma’s teachings and the timeless wisdom of Sanatana Dharma. The release of these books adds another layer of significance to the grand celebration of Amma’s 70th birthday, reaffirming her impact on the spiritual world.

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