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193 UN Member Countries United Through ‘Grains of Peace’ at Amritavarsham 70, Fostering Unity and Devotion


On the auspicious occasion of Amritavarsham 70, representatives of 193 UN member nations united to pay tribute to Amma by mixing the soil from each country during a prayer of unity called “Grains of Peace”. Amma then placed a sandalwood sapling in the mixed soil so it can be planted in the Amritapuri Ashram. This symbolic gesture, demonstrating their gratitude to Mother Earth and devotion to Amma, marked a celebration of unity and global reach.

In another global joining of hands, the representatives of each of the UN 193 member countries carried flags in a parade before Amma to express a common vision of global love and peace.

This diverse gathering included devotees representing all states of India, alongside participants from 69 other countries, showcasing the inclusivity and global impact of Amma’s teachings.

The amalgamation of soil from around the world served as a poignant symbol of unity, emphasizing the eternal bond between humanity and nature. Amma herself planted a sandalwood sapling in this sacred mixture, a tree symbolizing purity and divinity. Dignitaries on the stage were then invited to water it, signifying the collective nurture and care from devotees worldwide. This sapling, enriched with the combined love and devotion of individuals from across the globe, is set to flourish here in Amritapuri, serving as a living testament to the enduring connection between people and the environment. The occasion marked a celebration of oneness, unwavering dedication, and the profound connection between humanity and our planet, instilling a sense of optimism and motivation for a more luminous and harmonious global future.

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