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Amma Announces 300 Free Healthcare Procedures at Amrita Hospitals, Kochi During Amritavarsham 70


During the momentous celebration of Amritavarsham 70, Amma made a heartwarming announcement that will undoubtedly change countless lives. Amma declared the provision of 300 free healthcare procedures at Amrita Hospitals, Kochi, as a generous gesture to those in need.

Amma’s compassionate gesture includes a wide range of essential medical procedures. The 300 free healthcare procedures encompass 100 Kidney transplants, 100 Liver transplants, and various Cancer therapy procedures.

Every year, Amma’s benevolence shines through as she extends a helping hand to those facing medical challenges. These life-changing procedures not only alleviate the financial burden but also provide hope and healing for individuals and families in dire need.

Amrita Hospitals, a renowned healthcare institution known for its commitment to excellence, will play a pivotal role in realizing Amma’s vision of accessible healthcare for all. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled medical professionals, Amrita Hospitals is well-equipped to ensure the success of these vital procedures. Amma’s commitment to free healthcare services is a time-honored tradition that has touched the lives of many. It serves as a reminder that compassion and selflessness have the power to transform society and bring solace to those in pain.

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